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It can be easy to get used to dental damage. You may have changed your eating habits, your smile, or the way you speak without even realizing it. But you can get back to your old self – or a better self – with a qualified Myrtle Beach, SC dentist Dr. Jack Markusen. Restorative dentistry Myrtle Beach, SC area from DocMark General & Cosmetic Dentistry can pay off in many ways:

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  • Get a smile that looks and feels natural
  • Say goodbye to oral pain and discomfort
  • Speak clearly and with confidence
  • Enjoy eating any food you want
  • Reap the benefits of improved oral health

Your first meeting with Dr. Jack Markusen to discuss your options for restorative dentistry costs nothing – our treatment consultations are always free! So call us now at 843-314-4877 for your restorative dentistry Myrtle Beach, SC area consultation.

Stop Tooth Decay From Spreading With Tooth Fillings And Root Canals

The bacteria in your mouth, though invisible, can cause a lot of damage. It will continue on its path of destruction unless you visit a qualified Myrtle Beach, SC dental office.

We offer several restorative dentistry procedures that can halt the spread of tooth decay and protect your smile:

  • When decay has created a hole in your tooth enamel, Dr. Jack Markusen will remove the infection, clean the area, and then fill in the cavity with a tooth-colored material. We do not use metal amalgam tooth fillings. We prefer composite resin tooth fillings because they are safe and natural-looking.
  • Sometimes bacteria makes its way to the pulp of your tooth, where nerve endings and blood vessels are located. To preserve your tooth, we can perform a root canal. In addition to decay, we’ll remove the infected pulp and seal your tooth with a dental crown.

A common misconception about dentistry is that tooth fillings and root canals cause pain, when in fact the opposite is true. Tooth fillings and root canals at DocMark General & Cosmetic Dentistry are often the best way to stop mouth pain!

Repair Or Replace Teeth With Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges

When your teeth are severely damaged or missing, sometimes the best solution is a natural-looking restoration or replacement. Dental crowns and bridges are an optimal way to repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones. We use the iTero® digital scanner to send digital impressions to the lab for crowns, dental implants, study models, snore/sleep apnea appliances, and Invisalign®.

  • Dental crowns are a durable solution for extensive damage. And with our advanced technology and Dr. Jack Markusen’s 40+ years of experience, we can offer you ones that are completely natural looking and feeling. When attached to implants, ceramic dental crowns can also be used as a long-term method to replace missing teeth.
  • Many times the best way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental bridge. They are so named because they “bridge” the space between missing teeth. We will place crowns on either side of the gap to make sure your dental bridge looks natural and complete.

Give Your Smile Safe And Beautiful Restorative Dentistry Treatment

We always offer our patients completely safe composite tooth fillings that match their natural tooth color. But while you can make sure that every future filling is safe and natural-looking, you may want to replace amalgam fillings you have received from another dental office.

Dr. Jack Markusen can safely remove your old silver and mercury fillings and replace them with our composite material. This will make all your fillings blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Get the smile you want, with a smile, when you choose DocMark General & Cosmetic Dentistry for restorative dentistry services. Contact us online or call 843-314-4877 to schedule your restorative dentistry Myrtle Beach, SC area appointment.

Dr. Jack Markusen graduated at the Medical University of South Carolina, School of Dentistry in 1976. He’s also a proud member of the following professional organizations: American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, Academy of Laser Dentistry, South Carolina Dental Association, Pee Dee District Dental Association.

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